If you are planning to buy an HP printer and considering the PSC 2355 then this PSC 2355 hp printer review is going to be helpful before you make your purchase. The PSC 2355 hp printer looks very like to 2610. However, it is built with different scanning and print engines and one of the best printers that feature both a preview LCD and card readers. Here are some of the features of the PSC HP 2355:

  • As expected from an HP printer with its PhotoREt IV engine, the print quality is excellent.
  • It has a 348 photo cartridge which increases to the number of colours by 6.
  • At normal viewing distance is the grain is more or less non-existent and the colour ramps are printed perfectly.
  • DTP print is outstanding and images printed.
  • However, the print speed is a little disappointing as it takes about 6 minutes to print graphics heavy document.
  • The high capacity cartridges of HP and not compatible show the cost per page for 2610 printer is not achievable. This means that photos of 6 by 4 inch will cost more than 36.8 p per print that is expensive.
  • Mono quality was also excellent given the price.
  • You cannot be considered HP PSC 2355 if you plan to pkrint lots of copies as it insisted to rescan the source document in between printing that added to the total print time. So this printer is slowest in both the normal and draft copies at 1.6 PPM and 3.3 PPM respectively.
  • To print just three copies of 6 by 4 inch in the best mode it took about 12 minutes and 32 seconds.
  • The photos were also fairly grainy and there was a noise.
  • However, the colours were more less intact.
  • Basic scanning have increase speed but it is still one of the slower units a preview appears in 14 seconds while 300 PPi 12 x 10-inch print scanned in just 38 seconds.
  • The quality is above average with 600 PPi jewellery scan that is the major highlight.
  • The colours are quite intact and the detail levels are acceptable. But it is still way behind Epson RX620 that scans in 32 seconds while it takes 1 minute 17 seconds.

If you are willing to buy a printer for photo printing then HP PSC 2355 will be a good choice according to PSC 2355 hp printer review. It is not recommended as well as a Scanner or Copier.