Canon PRO-100 is keeping legacy of Canon printers. Canon PRO-100 is a wireless professional inkjet printer. It gives your nostalgic moments a forever physical entity through its ChromaLife 100+ system having 8-ink dye having 3 monochrome inks, Black, Grey, and Light Grey. Canon PRO-100 has Optimum Image Generating System (OIG) which automatically analyses the best possible ink mixture. During analyzation, it focuses on several image factors along with color reproduction, glossiness, and tonal gradations. In this Canon PRO-100 printer review we shall discuss what makes this printer stand out.

Few Outstanding Key Features:

  • Print Studio Pro2 plug-in and Easy Photo Print Pro3 plug-in software are clever upgrades in this printer by Canon that provide you an opportunity to use desirable applications.
  • Furthermore, it also provides you Wi-Fi and USB facilities. This gives many people facilities to print from different computers’ files.
  • Canon PRO-100 can easily print from your DVD, CD, or Blu-ray discs and jackets. These are only its some specifications.
  • Considering the thought that comparison makes it clear, we are comparing it from other printers. If we compare Canon Pro-100 to Canon Pixma 9000 mark ii, Canon PRO-100 is bigger in size than Canon Pixma 9000 mark ii. Its physical manufacturing approach makes it ten times better than Canon Pixma 9000. Comparison from Canon Pixma 9000 mark ii also declares Canon PRO-100 is Pigment based whereas Canon Pixma 9000 mark ii is dye based.
  • Pigment-based ink makes prints’ colors more vivid than dye based, so Canon PRO-100 out stands Canon Pixma 9000 mark ii in this category.
  • Additionally, Canon PRO-100 has Ethernet availability whereas Canon Pixma 9000 mark ii does not have such capability which means it cannot connect many computers at the same time. Canon PRO-100 has ChromaLife 100+ system which signifies it from Canon Pixma 9000 mark ii as it assures you the security that ink will lightfast for 30-years, gas fast for 20-years, and increases the dark storage life up to 300 years.

Additional Details on the Canon PRO-100 printer review

Contrasting Canon Pro-100 makes some difference but if it makes you think that other printers in this range other brands’ printers can be your go-to product, then you may be having a slightly different thought than reality. Moreover, comparing canon customers’ reviews to Epson customers’ reviews, Canon printers’ users are more satisfied with their printers and their efficiency. According to the customers’ reviews, Canon PRO-100 is more long-lasting than Epson Stylus R2000 A3 printer.

Summing up, Printers have high prices but their quality is not that much appreciated. For example, Epson clogs whereas canon does not clog. There are various other reasons like these. If you want to buy a printer with configurations like Canon PRO-100, you should not prefer any other printer than Canon PRO-100. Canon gives you this efficient printer at a reasonable price of $319.